Saturday, December 12, 2009

Can You Dig It?

Christmas is only weeks away and we have many holiday tips, but we are so missing showcasing fabulous birthday parties and birthday party planning doesn’t stop when the holidays are here. Sooooooo
Dig this adorable Construction Birthday Party for Theo. Jessica Levitt hosts a blog called Juicy Bits and she whipped together this fabulous 2nd birthday party for her son and we hope it inspires you.
Take note of the way Jessica of selected a color palette to compliment the construction theme and she also incorporated a logo. She even has fun with patterns within the selected color scheme. The pictures say it all…..we especially love that she had a landscaper make a surprise appearance and give the kids rides on his back hoe. Creative.
Jessica gave all of the children construction hats and created a sand table for them to play and build in. We love the signs in the sand and all of the yellow construction trucks.
We love the bolt in the bowls to stop them from flying away.
Dig In..cracks us up...get it.


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