Monday, October 12, 2009


So, my boyfriend broke up with me this morning.

His reasons were that I was too tolerant of him and that I didn't have any expectations. He was breaking up with me because I accepted him for who he was instead of trying to change him. I didn't complain about things. I didn't get angry or set his stuff on fire (like his roommate's now ex-girlfriend). In other words, I was just too good.

*laughs slightly*

I feel like crying. Not over this situation but over the fact that I can't keep a relationship for more than a month because I'm too good.

Too good.

Too tolerant.

Too everything!

Why am I being punished for being a good girlfriend. I'm sorry that I don't text/call you every five minutes to accuse you of cheating on me. I'm sorry that I don't make you stay home with me when you want to go out and hang with the boys. I'm sorry that I make the effort to get along with your friends even when I know they don't like me. I'm sorry that I don't complain about your messy car, room, kitchen or etc. I'm sorry that instead of complaining about your piles of dishes in the sink,I help you do them.

I'm sorry for being the girl that just wants to stay by her man's side and support him in whatever he does.

I don't understand it. Some men complain about how women are always trying to keep them on some sort of a leash. But now that there is no leash and there are still complaints.

I don't get it.

My boyfriend..sorry ex-boyfriend..has had some rough relationships in the past. He was married and his wife cheated on him and from there, he jumped into several relationships that ended sourly. When we first got together, he said he wanted to take it slow. So, I agreed. I figure, you have to learn to be friends first anyway. But no..

I was too easy going.

I was too compromising.

"You're always compromising," he said. That was another reason he broke up with me. First of all, in relationships people compromise on some things. I didn't compromise on everything. We weren't in a relationship that long for me to compromise on anything (note: we had only been dating for three weeks). The things I compromised weren't huge. The one issue I didn't compromise on was sex. I said I wanted to wait a while. That I did not compromise on.

I just think for right now I'm going to stop dating. I keep meeting these guys who keep leaving me in the dust because I'm too everything.

Have you ever been too everything in a relationship? And if so, did your SO break up with you because of that?


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