Monday, October 12, 2009

I am waiting for you

Oookay, I'm getting a little.....suspicious of this whole "New Megan" addiction.

So first off we started with the Fox addiction.
The ratio of Fox posts to Non-Megan Fox posts (may I be smited for naming her) was about 9:1 on mancouch.
And thus all the women (and there seems to be a LOT of women on mancouch) started getting upset, because frankly, a lot of us don't get it.

Yeah, she's hot but.....ehhh...she lacks something.

And thus there was the Fox retaliation movement, at the time whence mancouch refused to post anything Fox-y for a week.

Then we decided this wasn't enough and declared mutiny against Miss Fox and have since been trying to elect a new sexalicious leader to worship.

This does not make sense in my mind.
Why, you ask?

Because as readers we have naturally selected to read and discuss Miss Fox because she captures our attention, and thus we have perpetuated the cycle.
And by trying to choose a new obsession, we're just focusing even MORE on her because we're trying to top her, which to me can't happen, for numerous reasons.

A) Her body is just about proportionally perfect to suit most everyones needs.


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